courses after BCA in canada

In this article, we are talking about course after BCA in Canada. After searching for months I have gathered this information for you. so are ready to fly for Canada for your masters. let’s get started to enjoy the article.

Canada after BCA

Canada is a great economical country . their education rankings are also very good that’s why people considered going Canada after 12th or for their master. The climate of Canada is also favorable for Indians. A student who wants to go to Canada after their BCA degree should have to follow some requirement to apply for colleges and for a visa.



courses after BCA in canada

A student who wants to pursue their masters in Canada should have good English. As you knew that this is a master’s degree for that’s ILETS requirements is also some High. A Student needs an overall 6 band and above. This means 6 bands and above in all good listening and speaking is required if you want to pursue a master’s.


It is also an important factor if want to apply for masters. You should have a good percentage of your BCA degree. If you are pursuing BCA then keep in mind that you need a good percentage so study hard and get a visa easily. According to collages, you should have a minimum of 60 percent required.


A fee is considered according to which course you select.fees is divided among semesters. Minimum fee per semester is starting from 3 lacs. It may differ from university to collages.


courses after BCA in canada
  • Post-graduation in Information and technology
  • Networking
  • Computer application
  • software and networking settings
  • project management

and many more course according to your degree. You can check courses in collages websites for which you want to apply.

I would recommend to do research about courses in collages websites or consult an agency who are helping others.

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