Hello friends, if you are searching for the best information about the scope of BCA Course then you are in the right place. In this article, we are not talking about the expected scope which you must hear from many people or from your friends that if you once did BCA Then there are so many companies who waiting for you, just you only. In this article, we are talking about reality vs expectation about the scope of BCA.so lets get started

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Scope of BCA Course

BCA is a three-year degree course. BCA stands for bachelor of computer application.AS we know that we are living in a fast world so to get to fit in this world once need to be fast with the changing environment. Our IT industry is growing fast day by day no doubt but there are so many students are studying or pass out to get a good job in this field.

As an increasing demand in the IT field, the recruiter demand is also increasing. So If any people who want to get a good job in the computer field needs a good knowledge of computer. now getting into the point BCA consist of programming languages like C, C++, Html, JAVA,.NET. In today world one can learn these languages without enrolling in collages degrees and also for them there no limits in their course can learn as much as he can. BCA is a three-year course I think if you really want to pursue their career in this field then you should learn programming languages as many can you can. companies also recruit those allrounders.

INn this context I would like to add that According to google if anyone wants to work in google they don’t degree they just need good knowledge in that particular field. like, google there are so many best companies also recommend good knowledge in any particular field rather than degree.

BCA course is also a good degree but after completing this degree there is less chance to get a good job.IF you want to want to work after completing BCA then you can go to companies, Banks or you can prepare for government exams.

Salary after BCA Course

According to quora – one can get salary 10,000 to 20,000 in there staring.this can increase after you get an experience of two years


According to me, BCA Course is not that bad but if you do master with that it will a good option for you .check my article on MCA course . You can get a good salary after doing master that will be the best option for you

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