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What is BCA

BCA stands for Bachelor of computer application. Its an undergraduate Professional degree course of 3 years. Today we have seen a noticeable growth in It industry in India and this created lots of opportunity for computer graduates in the IT industry with a handsome salary. This is a Professional Degree and this considers equivalent to BE or Btech. People who interested in the computer can surely pursue this Degree.BCA is for those who wanted to contribute their amazing skills in the computer field for IT industry. After Completing BCA one can pursue MCA( Master in computer application ) OR MBA( master in Bussiness administer )

BCA Course

BCA is a 3-year degree course and its consist of 6 semesters. One can pursue after 12 with maths or computer science as subjects in 12 class. ARTS or Commerce student can also pursue BCA but in some collages, maths, and computer science are not compulsory (like in most of the mdu collages), their requirement is just 12 class and most of collages maths or computer science is compulsory. You have to decide on which college you want to pursue then you have to check on their website that they wanted or not.

BCA Subjects

Bachelor of computer application is usually divided into 3 years and consist of 6 semesters. Each Semester has 5-6 subjects with practical.

Semester 1

  • computer & programming fundamentals
  • pc software
  • mathematics
  • logical organization of computer 1
  • practical software lab

semester 2

  • C programming
  • logical organization of computer 2
  • Mathematical foundations of computer science
  • structured system analysis and design
  • practical software lab

semester 3

  • introduction to operating system
  • data structure 1
  • introduction to database system
  • communication skills
  • practical software lab

Semester 4

  • web designing
  • data structure 2
  • object-oriented programming using c++
  • software engineering
  • practical software lab

semester 5

  • management information system
  • computer graphics
  • data communication and networking
  • visual Basic
  • practical software lab

semester 6

  • E-commerce
  • object technologies & programming using java
  • artificial intelligence
  • introduction to .net
  • practical software lab

These subject may very from collages to collage. This subject list is according to MDU University. for previous year papers of BCA

who should do BCA

If you want to chose BCA and want to make a career in this field, so this article is for you. BCA teaches backend function of computer like how programs are made, how computer memory works, how computer perform their task so BCA is all about work done in the backend. BCA usually involves programming in c,c++,.net, java and many more. BCA is all about programming languages if you can learn languages as many as you can then you can make a carrier in BCA. As a student of BCA, You should know about this course, as I mentioned this is a professional course so skills matters in this to get good jobs. I have seen so many students who left BCA because they are not interested in programming languages, they didn’t research on BCA course information but well done you did . you save your year and your life

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